Bihu, Bihu 2011, Bihu songs, Bihu assam, Bihu dance, Bihu SMS

Bihu SMS, Bihu 2011, Bihu songs of assam, Bihu assam, Bihu dance of assam

Bihu SMS, Bihu 2011, Bihu songs of assam, Bihu assam, Bihu dance of assam

Bihu SMS, Bihu 2011, Bihu songs of assam, Bihu assam, Bihu dance of assam

Bihu 2011 :
The most important festival of Assam is none other than the Bihu. The Bihu is the national festival of Assam. Meaning of word Bihu is Bi means ask and Shu means peace and prosperity in the world. Actually Bihu consists of many festivals. Assamese celebrates three different Bihu festivals in Assam which are – Bohaag Bihu, Maagh Bihu and Kaati Bihu.
Bohaag Bihu (Rongali Bihu) is celebrated in the months of Bohaag means Baisakh which arrives in the middle of April, Maagh Bihu is celebrated in the months of middle of January and Kaati Bihu is celebrated in the months of Kartik means the middle of October. From these three Bihus most important Bihu festival is the “Bohag Bihu” or Rongali Bihu celebrated in the middle of April in Spring festival.

Bohaag Bihu (Rongali Bihu) :
Rongali Bihu is the most popular Bihu celebrates the onset of the Assamese New Year and comes on around 15 April and also called as Bohag Bihu. It is a seven day festival in which the farmers prepare the fields for cultivation of paddy. Traditional food like pitha, larus and Jolpan are made by ladies. On 14 April Goru bihu or cow bihu is celebrated on the first day on which the cows are washed and worshipped.

Goru Bihu :
Goru Bihu is popularly known as the festival of cow. The goru bihu osbserved on the last day of the year and Chaitra month. Goru bihu is dedicated to cow and other domesticated animals.
On the next day of Goru bihu there is Manuh Bihu and hence people gets ready for preperation of it. On this ocasion women draw mehandi on their hands and legs.

Manuh Bihu :
The day after the goru Bihu, is called the manuh Bihu which is the New Year day. Children gets new clothes from elders.

Husori :
Village elders move from household to households singing carols, also in the style of Bihu geets, called husoris.

Fat Bihu :
Fat Bihu is a very old form of Bihu. According to legend, the first Ahom king, Sukaphaa, traveled to the region to watch it in the early 13th century.

Mukoli Bihu :
Young unmarried men and women attired in traditional golden silk muga dance the Bihu and sing Bihu songs in the open fields.

Jeng Bihu :
This is Bihu dance and song performed and watched only by women.

Bihutoli Bihu :
The rural festival made its transition to urban life when it was first time brought to the stage in Lataxil field in Guwahati by the Guwahati Bihu Sanmilani in 1962, promoted by leading citizens like Radha Govinda Baruah and others.

Bihu SMS, Bihu 2011, Bihu songs of assam, Bihu assam, Bihu dance of assam

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