Bentley Brooklands Accessories | Bentley Brooklands Accessories price

Bentley Brooklands Accessories | Bentley Brooklands Accessories price | Price of Bentley Brooklands Accessories


The World’s most exclusive coupe.

The Bentley Brooklands. A triumphant return to Bentley’s heartland.  Descended from an incomparable bloodline of truly potent coupés. Taking power to new realms. Elegant. Rakish. Formidably muscular.

Bentley Brooklands Performance:

A thoroughbred Bentley. A driver’s car through and through.

Exhilarating, effortless, accessible performance for those truly passionate about their driving. Beneath the muscular, coach-built body of the Bentley Brooklands lies the most powerful Crewe-built V8 ever produced, developing 530bhp (395kW) and a maximum torque of an astonishing 774lb ft (1050Nm), the highest ever torque output of any V8 automotive engine in the world.

Performance figures capture supercar performance from a luxury four-seater coupé. The Bentley Brooklands is capable of reaching 60mph in just 5.0 seconds (0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds), has a top speed of 184mph (296km/h) and with an enhanced chassis and optional carbon carbide brakes, provides the handling to match the awesome power

On the Bentley Brooklands the powerful speakers provide performance perfectly tailored to suit the large cabin areas. The sub-woofer is located in the boot of the Bentley Brooklands.

Bentley Brooklands
New Head Unit
1100 Watt Amplifier (9.2 channel)
8 (enhanced) DSP modes
11 Naim Speakers including dual Naim sub-woofers
Dynamic Equalisation,
Speed dependant volume control
Phone and Satellite Navigation Integration

Bentley Brooklands Exterior Accessories:

Valve Caps
Tyre Cradles
Winter Tyres 20

Bentley Brooklands Care & Protection Accessories:
Car Cover – Indoor
Car Cover – Weathershield
Hide or Fabric Child Seat (Group 2 & 3)
Infant Seat (Group 1)
Baby Seat 0+

Bentley Brooklands Accessories price | Price of Bentley Brooklands Accessories | Bentley Brooklands Accessories

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